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As more people have realized the importance of a great smile, cosmetic dentistry has grown to meet the demand. More and more people are taking advantage of advances in cosmetic therapies, such as Lumineers and veneers, which provide affordable, long-lasting options for treating discolored and misaligned teeth.

Veneers are traditional, restorative porcelain coverings that fit on the outside of the teeth. Their coloring closely matches that of a natural tooth, addressing aesthetic issues. Veneers are commonly used to address:

• Staining and discoloration
• Gapped or crooked teeth
• Cracked teeth
• Oddly shaped, under-, or over-sized teeth
• Worn teeth

Veneers are highly durable and long-lasting. Known for their sturdiness, veneers can have a huge impact on a smile. The wafer-thin ceramic covering is applied directly to the tooth. This requires a very small amount of existing enamel to be buffed down. The entire fitting process takes place in only a few visits, and can be complete in as little as three weeks.

No-Prep Veneers
Getting no-prep, or minimal-prep, veneers requires less buffing of natural tooth enamel – your treatment can actually be reversible if you decide to have your veneers removed.

Patients usually see lasting results after only two visits and minimal preparation is required for this non-invasive therapy. And, because it is non-invasive, the procedure is painless!

Porcelain veneers can serve as either cosmetic or restorative, and will rejuvenate old dental bridge work — they can even straighten a crooked smile. Because patients see amazing results after only two visits, this procedure is especially helpful for big events like job interviews, or for business professionals on a tight schedule, for whom appearance can have a huge impact.

Dr. Vu offers both Lumineers and traditional porcelain veneers in Sacramento, Roseville, and Bruceville. To learn more, call one of Dr. Vu’s three locations to schedule your appointment and talk to her team about how they can help!